The Chemical Brothers new album released in July

After 5 years of silence, electronic music duet The Chemical Brothers has announced this week that they will release their new album in July. It will be named Born In The Echoes , and we have already listened to a new song "Sometimes I Fell So Deserted" which has left us a litlte bit dissapointed.


Born In The Echoes



You can already pre-order the album on their website and choose two options, the Standar One:

  1. Sometimes I feel So Deserted
  2. Go
  3. Under Neon Lights
  4. EML Ritual
  5. I'll see you there
  6. Just Bang
  7. Reflexion
  8. Tast Of Honey
  9. Born In the Echoes
  10. Radiate
  11. Wide Open

And the deluxe album with these extra songs :

     12. Let Us Build a City

     13. Wo Ha

     14. Go (Extended mix)

     15. Reflexion (Extended Mix)