The Killers new album Wonderful Wonderful Live Stream

The Killers Wonderfull Wonderfull

Five years after their last (and failed in our opinion) album, The Killers are back with a new LP, Wonderful Wonderful (2017). After presenting little by little some singles such as "The Calling", "Some Kind of Love", "Run For Cover" or "Wonderful Wonderful", we can finally listen the new album of teh band from Las Vegas, which has featured collaborations of the likes of Brian Eno on "Some Kind of Love", guitar by Mark Knopfler in "Have All the Songs Been Written?" or the great Australian musician Alex Cameron helping on the lyrics in different songs. However, after a first listening, we can not deny the feeling of disappointment that invades us by giving up a band that seems to be comfortable in their attempt to get a couple of arena-stadiums hits by LP based on simple choruses instead of caring the global of the album as it happened on the missed Hot Fuss (2004) or Sam's Town (2006). Without further delay, here you are the live stream of Wonderful Wonderful (2017):