Leon Benavente – Leon Benavente (2013)

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¡Animo valiente¡ is the first thing that this new group scream us on their recent LP.. Undoubtedly this is a statement of intent from a different band, not only because of the name of the band but also for their roster, which highlights the variety of musicians profiles like Tachenko or guys from the band that follow the great Nacho Vegas. Members that give rise to a project call Leon Benavente, inspired by the story of a journey that leaves guitar player Luis Rodriguez stranded in the middle on Spain and based also on the recognised and genuine Spanish expression "entre Pinto y Valdemoro" (closer to between cats and dogs meaning).. Troubling at the least.

leon benavente portada disco

Owners of a different sound, with mixtures of styles ranging from pure rock to electronic sounds with lyrics in which the destruction of landscapes created is a constant, most of the songs are based on drums that keeps the rhythm up until one point where the peak arrives with the corresponding bass sound rise. They have songs that we recommend to listen on the move, since its energy is transformed into a multitude of sensations: Anxiety, anger, overcoming, angered disappointments.. His friend and patron Nacho Vegas says about this work that is an album to listen in calm to enjoy the trip they propose. However, each track can be individualised a different feel, without resorting to the sequence given in the LP. The culmination comes with the wonderful Ser Brigada, which undoubtedly is going to become a mythical theme, or at least from our point of view it has all the virtues needed to be one. So, we have a timeless and traveller album, that transports you to different places under lyrics that show us mythical places or past times that in many cases, and through their own science fiction scenes, become stories full of chaos and desolation. Highly recommended, enjoy it ¡Valientes!