The XX announces a concert for 400 spectators in Bilbao

The XX Bilbao 2018

The XX have just surprised everyone by announcing through their facebook profile an intimate concert in Bilbao for next Tuesday July,10 within the framework of the Night + Day Bilbao. The show, which will take place just before Jamie's party at the Guggenheim Museum, will be held at the Kafé Antzokia in Bilbao and is part of the Night + Day Bilbao series, which from July 6 to 11 and curated by The XX will offer a series of events related to music, cinema or radio.

Tickets for this intimate concert can be purchased at a price of 49 euros (1 euro of the total amount will be used for charity purposes) on Saturday 7 July only at the Night + Day Bilbao Shop (Mercado Dos De Mayo, Calle Dos de Mayo, Bilbao) or at Power Records (Villarías Kalea, 5, 48001 Bilbao).