Cyan – Historias Para No Romperse (2011)

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It is closer to end 2011, and making a small count my records acquired this year, I come back to Historias Para no Romperse, which is the second work of Cyan, formed by Javi Fernandez, Gorka Dresbaj, Jordi Navarro, Sebastian Limongi and Antonio Lara, and with their debut album, the self-titled 2008 Cyan, surprised me a lot, especially the vocal strength of Javi Fernandez, a kind of Eddie Vedder who sings in Spanish, spectacular!!

They themselves have been responsible for the self-production of this album, with the help of jazz pianist and composer José Reinoso that has achieved this album sounded in a very special way, a surprising and pleasing result with which they have acquired a recognisable sound and the sound of getting their own way. An elaborate work in which they have been able to give a value to the voice and the melodies, and which show a perfect command of the half-times.

Ten "Historias Para No Romperse", addressing routine and daily issues, love, sadness, indifference, that sounds to pop from rock, suitable for a wide range of tastes, with an elegant lyrical, pampering every song and every arrangement, combining electronic and instruments such as cellos and trumpets, balanced issues that pays attention to detail each one of the instruments, especially guitars and percussion, which move between the energy of "Te Deslizas" or "Turistas Heridos" to the melancholy "Esos Niños" or the heartbreaking "Estrella Mutilada", ten songs without waste, which have a special facility for engagement.

I like this album, I think it deserves an important place among the national material published this year, for its sensitivity, care and affection with which it shows that is developed, for its simplicity, easy way that comes to you, by transmitting..