Free on download De viaje, Tribute LP to Los Planetas publish by Ondas del Espacio

De Viaje - Los Planetas

Since a few months ago, we were talking about Los Planetas tribute project that people from Ondas del Espacio were doing, that includes a book and a LP where different bands of the Spanish independent scene make covers from firsts LPs of  the band. In this way, songs cover by bands like Odio París, Klaus & Kinski, Cosmen Adelaida, Grushenka or McEnroe among others, go with a book written by guys like Fino Oyonarte (Super 8 producer), Antonio Arias (Lagartija Nick), Julio Ruiz (Disco Grande on Radio 3), Miguel Morán (Sala Maravillas / FIB), Jesús Ordovás (Diario Pop ), Guille Mostaza (Ellos), Nani Castañeda ( Niños Mutantes) or Joan S. Luna (Redactor Jefe de Mondo Sonoro) and also illustrators like Joaquín Reyes, Moderna de Pueblo or Paula Bonet has also helped.

If you will be interest on the book, you can buy it on the official website of the project or on their facebook page.