Indie Playlist Indieofilo October 2015

Indieofilo Indie Playlist october 2015

Almost one year later of our last Playlist, we return to show you a selection of songs where you can enjoy some well known ¨jewells¨ (an other not so) of electro, rock, lofi or pop. On the Spanish side we can find famous bands as our loved ones Tachenko or Izal, along with Cuello, Cola Jet Set or Escuelas Pias, while between the 15 international bands you can find well known bands as Low, Kurt Vile, Metric or Neon Indian, among others.


01 – Trae tu cara y decórala (Cuello)
02 – Out of my world (Communions)
03 – Electric (Story Of The Running Wolf)
04 – Too Bad, so Sad (Metric)
05 – Sun Bleached (Dogs On Acid)
06 – Fin Del Mundo (Cola Jet Set)
07 – Radio Silence (Kassassin Street)
08 – Weekend Lover (The John Steel Singers)
09 – MDR (Petite Noir)
10 – Chimpancé (Escuelas Pías)
11 – Pretty Pimpin (Kurt Vile)
12 – What Part of Me (Low)
13 – Chemistry (Passport To Stockholm)
14 – Medusa (Szymon)
15 – Midas (Tachenko)
16 – Halcyon Birds (Broken Back)
17 – XII (Island Science)
18 – Slumlord (Neon Indian)
19 – Makeba (Jain)
20 – Hacia el norte (Izal)