Best Indie songs 2015

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Kurt Vile video
01. Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin

How Bob Dylan would sound if he had just over 30 years? We are faced with a perfect song that goes like a breath guided by the characteristic voice of Kurt and a hypnotic drums, that together with some incredible guitar arpeggios remain ipso facto imprinted in your mind. Ideal song to enjoy in repeat mode, hoping to discover new shades in each listen..

Tame Impala video
02. Tame Impala – Let it happen

Pure psychedelia with endless loops and effects which make the nearly eight minutes that the track go on  pass in a heartbeat. Pop and electronic shades for a new jump without a net of the Australians, coming out victorious and get even closer to the main public.

foals video
03. Foals – A Knife In The Ocean

If a potent blend of guitars and synthesizers is usually the hallmark of the band, on this song are surprisingly the drums the main protagonist with certain rhythms that even remember the first Muse.

Jamie XX video
04. Jamie XX – I Know There Gonna Be Good Times

When everyone looks for the new funk on false prophets like Bruno Mars, the hope is reborn with songs like this gem that could have been produced by the Motown itself. Outside his usual style, usually focused on more electronic rhythms, the young British shows why he is one of the great hopes of the independent scene.

Chvrches video
05. Chvrches – Never Ending Circles

If something works and has quality .. Why change it? The same rhythms and synthesizers bases that amazed us three years ago, present highly evolved under the candid and wonderful voice of Lauren Mayberry.

Health video
06. Health – Stonefish

If we spoke before of delicacy, brute strength is now the protagonist in this song that may well have signed the Depeche Mode of the Violator. Industrial electronics with punk touches where a few fleeting choirs in the chorus provide the necessary nuances to shape a great song.

Major Lazer video
07. Major Lazer – Lean on

The fact that it has sounded in all the places and situations this summer does not detract an apex of quality to a song that sounds like what Diplo played long tiume ago before moving into EDM. The perfect fusion of voice of with the Hindu rhythms promises to create a new style..

El Vy video
08. El Vy – Return To The Moon

In the absence of new songs with The National, Matt Berninger goes into happeier soundscapes with his new project. Thanks to an infectious beat of electronic drums and a beautiful female voice in the chorus, we can state that the result is remarkable.

The Vaccines video
09. The Vaccines – Handsome

The ability of the British to create quick hymns is well known, but when you also add some palms and cinch drums, we find a more pop side that we also love. One of the themes of last summer thanks to its frenetic pace and its guitar riff.

Twin Shadow video
10. Twin Shadow – To The Top

On a year to forget of the American, that suspended in the summer his tour, the singer creates a great song with eighties roots that engages from the first listen thanks to its choirs and synthesizers.

FFS video
11. FFS – Johnny Delusional

The opening track on the join album of two bands with much rhythm as Franz Ferdinand and Sparks does not disappoint and serves as a clear example of what the album includes . Doubled voices, infectious choruses, easy guitars and many good vibes for a song that works like a charm live.

Death Cab For Cutie video
12. Death Cab For Cutie – Black Sun

When everything suggests that the tap of the hits was closed for Americans with the departure of Chris Walla, it appeared thi song with endless start. In a song where highlight the bass, and even easy guitars flirt with electronic rhythms, the half times end up being the protagonists together with the recovered voice of Ben Gibbard.

The Libertines video
13. The Libertines – Gunga Din

If we have previously talked about doubts and comebacks, what can we say about The Libertines.. In a song that we were lucky to listen the world premiere at the Best Kept Secret Festival, we meet with that band that amazed us at the beginning of this century, with catchy choruses and easy rhythms, incredible exchange of voices between Carl Barat and Pete Doherty and even some touches of reggae.

Noel Gallagher video
14. Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds – Ballad Of The Mighty I

While half of the world is still waiting for a long-awaited meeting of Oasis, Noel started the year with this great song with which he gave to present his new album. Drums with a strong rhythm and the characteristic falsetto of the Manchester guy make this song one of the best in his solo career.

Florence The Machine video
15. Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck

When someone hear the xylophone or choirs, immediately thinks of the pop and sweetened side of the English redhead, and yet we may be facing one of the toughest and energetic songs of her career. Besides an unusual anger in her voice, a dark and pessimistic letter shows us a different Florence.. A real treat outside their usual records !!

The Chemical Brothers video
16. The Chemical Brothers – Go

Afraid we received the announcement of a new work by the British after the failed Further, but the first impression could not be better with this theme that brought us back to the beginning. It’s a shame that the rest of the album chooses to strange experiments instead of continuing with simple electronic dance rhythms that attracts the public.

Seinabo Sey video
17. Seinabo Sey – Younger

Waiting to to know if the road to the soul taken by Jamie XX is reflected in the new album by The XX, Seinabo Sey made a theme that combines the R & B, soul, pop and even the new EDM in a masterly way thanks to the tremendous voice of Swedish singer and amazing keyboard that hits from the initial moments.

Mikal Cronin video
18. Mikal Cronin – Made my mind up

The member of the band of Ty Segall still offers high-quality pop pills (remembering, greatly to The Byrds), with a guitar riff as main protagonist and some sweets keyboards able to create one of the best and most catchy choruses of the year.

Blur video
19. Blur – Go Out

The return of Damon Albarn and co arrived with a completely different song to which we were accustomed. It is true that had been over ten years since their last LP, but their cover letter surprised by a return to the more experimental tracks of Parklife or The Great Escape, with a strong bass line that blends seamlessly with a shrill distortion on the guitar, not to mention the trills of own Albarn.. “To the Lo-caa-aaa-aal

Viet cong video
20. Viet cong – Continental Shelf

We are probably against one of the most obscure and difficult songs to assume from the list. With a heavy pace, full of bass and drums, melody seems to emerge from the darkness lifted up by the gloomy distorted voice of Matt Flegel. Of course, one never tires of listening it, enjoying it a little more in each repeat..

Lower Dens video

21. Lower Dens – To Die In L.A

Dominique A video

22. Dominique A – Élèor

Editors video

23. Editors – Life Is A Fear

Bomba estereo video

24. Bomba Estereo – Fiesta

Destroyer video

25. Destroyer – Times Square

Swim Deep video

26. Swim Deep – To My Brother

Years & Years video

27. Years & Years – King

DMAs video

28. DMA´s – Your Low

The Weeknd

29. The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

The Bohicas video

30. The Bohicas – XXX

Jacco Gardner video

31. Jacco Gardner – Find yourself

Balthazar video

32. Balthazar – Bunker

Django Django video

33. Django Django – First Light

Ratatat video

34. Ratatat – Abrasive

Beck video

35. Beck – Dreams

Everything Everything video

36. Everything Everything – Distant Past

Sleater-Kinney video

37. Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love

Unknown Metal Orchestra video

38. Unknown Metal Orchestra – Multi – Love

The Maccabees video

39. The Maccabees – Marks To Prove It

Bully video

40. Bully – Trying