Chvrches stream new LP

CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye

One of the most anticipated works this year, the second LP of the Scottish Chvrches, is now available for listening in a full thanks to American radio NPR. Despite their youthfulness, the hit they that they achieved with their excellent debut The Bones Of What You Believe in 2013, who brought them a sudden success that they will want to maintain with this new LP Every Open Eye. After a couple of plays, we can confirm that the band is still focused on their distinctive synthpop style, although moving to some trends easier to listen than on their debut album, as they have shown on the singles that they have launched during last months as “Leave A Trace”, “Never Ending Circles” and “Clearest Blue”.

01 Never Ending Circles
02 Leave a Trace
03 Keep You on My Side
04 Make Them Gold
05 Clearest Blue
06 High Enough to Carry You Over
07 Empty Threat
08 Down Side of Me
09 Playing Dead
10 Bury It
11 Afterglow
12 Get Away
13 Follow You
14 Bow Down