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Bat For Lashes confirm new album to be released in May 2024

22 February 20242 min read

British singer Natasha Khan, better known as her artistic alter ego Bat For Lashes, has just announced the release of her sixth studio album, The Dream Of Delphi (2024), which will be released on 31 May by Mercury KX.

According to the artist, The Dream Of Delphiwas inspired by her daughter Delphi, as her life has changed a lot since she was born in the year 2020. “I’ve turned the mother in me into this more potent, heightened archetype of the aspects of myself that are a mother. [The Motherwitch] helps me be able to take something so vulnerable and personal out into the world – I felt I couldn’t just do it as Natasha, because it’s so, so deep“.

Bat For Lashes’ new album is a conceptual experience that explores motherhood through spiritual, love-filled, folk-tinged songs. To narrate this introspective journey, the artist transforms herself into ‘Motherwitch’. To launch the album, the British singer has unveiled the first single, which bears the same title as the album and, according to the author, could be a kind of manifesto for the album.

Es un hechizo musical que invoca la esencia de la maternidad, capturando la conexión profunda entre madre e hija. La letra describe el ascenso a las estrellas y el descenso al inframundo, una metáfora de las emociones y experiencias que acompañan a la maternidad“. Directed by Alexandra Green and Freddie Leyden, the video will be part of a yet-to-be-announced film project that will extend the album experience and invite us to further immerse ourselves in this personal and creative journey.

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