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  • 26 February 2014By Victor

    ¡Animo valiente¡ is the first thing that this new group scream us on their recent LP.. Undoubtedly this is a statement of intent from a different band, not only because of the name of the band but also for their roster, which highlights the variety of musicians profiles like Tachenko or guys from the band

  • 15 January 2014By Victor

    It is a special moment when you discover this Italian group, like a slap in the face, a bucket of cold water on the head.. Soviet soviet. Fate is named ther first album after they published 3 EPs. The trio formed by Alessando Constantini, Andrea and Alessandro Ferri Giometti, transports us to a dark, cold place, with ten songs full

  • 24 December 2013By Victor

    Can someone be mature at 27 ? When you hear the last work from the guys of Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys , you realize that you are probably listening to the most complete album of his career, which also seem to do an exercise of self compliation, playing all styles that have proven in his short but

  • 4 April 2013By Angela

    After all the good songs that we heard long time ago from Tachenko, finally arrives El Amor y las Mayorías their last (and very expected for me) job by Limbo Starr. The album was recorded entirely in Zaragoza, bases in Luna Nueva and the rest of the album at La cafetera atómica by Rafa Dominguez, taking

  • 9 November 2012By Victor

    To begin the review on this third album in four years of the Toronto duo Crystal Castles, perhaps it is worthwhile looking in a rough and fast their first two works.. The first one came as a breath of fresh air, with boundless energy almost unstoppable on songs such as Crimewave or Vanished, which almost

  • 7 July 2012By Angela

    Ultra – Presion is the continuation of Nudozurdo third album, an EP with 5 songs where Leo Mateos has recorder again all the voices from the masters of the sessions of Tara – Motor -Hembra. I don't know if they consider it a new project, but on these new versions, they get a new look to all songs that make

  • 8 March 2012By Angela

    La Habitación Roja just returned with its eighth LP Fue Eléctrico (Mushroom Pillow), a very powerful album, where they return to electric sounds, which could be defined as a series of emotional and very personal songs of a great band with an unblemished career, and for me the most important, faithful to their principles.. La Habitación Roja components admit that they have two years gone

  • 12 December 2011By Angela

    It is closer to end 2011, and making a small count my records acquired this year, I come back to Historias Para no Romperse, which is the second work of Cyan, formed by Javi Fernandez, Gorka Dresbaj, Jordi Navarro, Sebastian Limongi and Antonio Lara, and with their debut album, the self-titled 2008 Cyan, surprised me

  • 22 November 2011By Angela

    When in September I listened the advancement of The Great Escape Artist, my hopes that my beloved Jane's Addiction came back through the main gate began to fade, with Strays they already cleared us that evolve not go with them, and with this I do not mean the former is a bad job, but now that I heard

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