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José González – 1st May 2017 (Teatro Tivoli – Barcelona)

4 May 20174 min read

A year after his last visit and as part of the 18 Millenni festival lineup, José González returned to Barcelona on International Workers' Day with tickets sold out since long time ago at the majestic Teatre Tivoli. With a sober staging that included his already typical mountains on the background, and with the only presence of a pair of guitars and a chair on the stage, the Swede went out on stage to go over his discography in a concert of about an hour and a half that delighted everyone.

Jose Gonzalez Barcelona 2017

Paraphrasing the title of the documentary about the artist The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González (2010), it is surprising at the same time that attractive the normality and simplicity with which González permeates his songs, achieving an atmosphere of respect and intimacy quite difficult to see in the present times. With that respect won, only broken by the impertinent flashes of some mobile phones, the first minutes of his show were perhaps too sober, partly due to the majority presence of an overhead light on the artist that made even bigger stage and also because of his minimal interaction with the public, so some of his longest-running songs like "Stay in the Shade" and "Lovestain" were somewhat lackluster.

Jose Gonzalez 2017 Barcelona

It should be recognized hit "Crosses" the one which accelerate the pace of the concert and also encouraged to own Swedish artist, who began to set the pace of the drums with their feet causing a knock on stage that was caught by the microphones like percussion and set quite good to the initial proposal. "Cycling Trivialities" and "Every Age" thrilled with the strength of his voice, while in "Far Away" would be the tones of his guitar, turned into a kind of bass, that would take advantage of the magnificent acoustics of the magnificent theater.

Jose Gonzalez 2017

With the proposal in full performance came the only reference to Junip of the whole concert, "Line of Fire", in which José González managed to supplant the rest of the instruments of the band with guitar and a slowed version of the song..Barcelona 2017 Jose Gonzalez After some songs from his last album, the Scandinavian would opt for one of the most powerful songs of In Our Nature (2007) as "Killing for Love", in which the public was started by clapping, to say goodbye for the first time on stage. As expected, it took him a short time to return to delight the public in the bises with his two most recognizable songs, "Heartbeats" and "Teardrop", two magnificent versions of The Knife and Massive Attack that for many, among whom I am, have beat the originals. So, Veni vidi vici for the Swedish, able to make you feel so much with so little, able to captivate you in such a deep way that seems to transport you to a distant world full of calm and feelings well far away from the madding crowd that surrounds us.. Undoubtedly, enjoy a concert of José González per year it is something that should be included in any medical prescription!

Review: Víctor Ramos/ Photography: Esther Vicente

Victor Ramos

Fanático de la música desde que mis padres me ponían a Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos o el Discotuna por la A2. Intenté tocar varios instrumentos, pero soy muy torpe con la mano izquierda, así que ya sabéis el resultado final. Fan del britpop, Post-punk, el rugby y el baloncesto...


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