Arenal Sound – 1st August 2014 (Burriana)

The second day of the Arenal Sound began with Galician Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, who we'd seen recently at Low Festival nor let us down in this live, being even better than Benidorm, but with a schedule that is not fair for they. No shortage songs from Año Santo or Victoria Mística  as "Estrellas Místicas" or "Robo tu Tiempo". Just then Sidonie have shown that have adapted their early albums to the "new Indie era", and so have done with their concerts, which were once as highly interactive with the audience and remain so, even though the quality their compositions are not those of their early records. The Catalans were very funny and they didn't forget about their famous songs as “El Incendio”, “Fascinado” or “El Bosque”. Meanwhile, on Negrita stage, Izal gathered a large crowd of supporters, mostly young teenagers to present their latest album Agujeros de Gusano that has been well received by critics and audiences. Faced with a predominantly female audience, the sounders sang the most famous songs of the band from madrid, while the concert was somewhat monotonous, perhaps because of the similarity of the chosen themes and due to the group didn't find the balance between studio and live.

Izal - Arenal Sound 2014

At the same time on Inside stage The Right Ons showed that it is also possible to do things differently in the native Indie scene, and with a much more powerful live ousted the conservative bet Izal, although with a less numerous crowd..

The right ons - Arenal Sound 2014

Miles Kane was one of the great names of first night, and he proved it. The Birkenhead guy came out wearing a tight leopard dress and showed he can be one of the great future of British music. At just 28 years old he conquered the stage, comparisons with Oasis, Alex Turner or Paul Weller are well done.

Miles Kane - Arenal Sound 2014

In this edition of Arenal Sound we have seen some performances overlapped. From the Festival organization and for future issues they suggest that they will try this not happen try as far as possible, but it is also a good tool to divide the public in all stages and avoid crowds. One of those moments was during the Peace and Varry Brava shows, which coincided in time and that made the staff divided. Brava Varry was not damaged by this overlapand despite the competition schedule and they sweep at Inside Stage presenting changes in the band (drums and bass) and 3 new songs from their forthcoming second album. The climax arrived with their "anthem" "No Gires," accompanied on stage by DJ Daniless, DJ at the Madrid club Independance.

The great show of the night, and probably of the festival was the one of the Scottish Biffy Clyro. Simon Neil and Johnston brothers boarded the Desperados stage shirtless, being an omen that they would sweat, and of course they did!. Simon's beard seemed to have a shower inside and the pace and delivery of each song by the Scots uttered an intensity that shows the reason why their live shows are so highly rated, by far surpassing the already high quality if their LPs. The guitar and bass post-rock rifs were happening on tracks like "The Captain" or "Erradicate the doubt" being rallied around by a crowd of fans, something a little surprising due to the party profile of the Sounders.

Biffy Clyro - Arenal Sound 2014

After the Scots, young Madeon was in charge of setting the electronic note, something very common at the end of each day of the Arenal Sound.