Noel Gallaher’s High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday (2015)

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Oasis has been one the last great referents that has given us the British music, at least for this writer. It makes rare (and painful) to have to value a disc of Noel without his brother , but let's face it, it's something that sometime had  to happen, and also after the breakup of Beady Eye I think it will be for a long time. But hey, this is no time for nostalgia, and let's place ourselves today. Chasing Yesterday is the second solo Noel Gallagher's album, after Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, with supergroup called High Flying Birds.

Noel Gallaher's High Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday

As I have done before and have advanced in time, it seems that is what Noel makes in this, his second album, as it moves away from the continuity trend of Oasis of his first work and begins to delve into new sounds that give more wealth. Part of this change is motivated by self-production of the disc, as is Noel himself who produced and wrote this album, and also recorded it with his label Sour Mash Records.
Although the record shows a small compositional evolution of Noel, there are still songs that could be part of a bad "Side B" of some Oasis  single, but Noel is determined to continue bringing in their repertoire. He falls back into the typical rythm of "Wonderwall" in "The Riverman" and also try to fix it with saxophones !!, or copying "Morning Glory" in "Lock All The Doors", which envolves the album in  a moment of stupor, to this we must add the worst song of the album, which is "The Mexican". Fortunately, the magnificent "The Right Stuff" perhaps the most risky theme of the album but wichc Noel gets to achieve perfectyl, creating a nice "space jazz" atmosphere, opens new compositional  horizons in the  career of  Singer. Songs like "In the Heat of the Moment" with a Paul Weller or Miles style , the second single "The Ballad of Mighty I" with Johnny Marr's guitar or "While The Song Remains the Same" with a good electronic base corroborate and manage to sign a record of ups and downs but it is a hopeful advancement in Noel's career , who continues to demonstrate its passion for creating good melodies.